Italo Panone


Italo Panone

Born in Berlin, Germany, Italo Panone graduated as a Film Production major in Munich, before venturing out to follow in his father Alfredo’s cinematic footsteps.

An international film producer, Alfredo inspired his son to extend his film, television and music knowledge and experience to international cinematic, television, music and commercial law, communications and new media.

Italo gained invaluable experience while embarking on a seven-year journey through Europe and the USA that began in 1978, working alongside world renowned film production leaders like Sid Salkow (Fury, Lassie, A Man Called Horse, etc.), Sid Firks, and Fedor Janas. He then returned to Germany in 1985, where he worked for the German TV holding RTL International, as an Assistant Director of Cinema and TV Production, specialising in the acquisition of films, television series and programs from around the world.

In 1995, he moved to Italy, representing RTL International as an International Production and Co-Productions Executive, and since 2005 has collaborated with numerous national and international film and television companies as a Media Financial Advisor and Producer.